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Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment


1、 Who are we?

CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd. (formerly "CSCEC Third Engineering Bureau Decoration Co., Ltd.") is a large construction enterprise directly under the central government, a leading decoration subsidiary of the world's top 500 enterprise CSCEC Group Co., Ltd., the world's No. 1 investment and construction group, and one of the eight state-owned large construction decoration companies approved by the Ministry of Construction for the first time.

Previous life

The company was established in Shenzhen in 1985, formerly known as Shenzhen Decoration Design Engineering Company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, and renamed as China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Decoration Co., Ltd. in 2007. With the market demand of the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the transformation of the enterprise's "construction+investment", the company's scale ushered in a new round of expansion. In April 2017, it officially changed its name to CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd.

this life

So far, it has become the No. 1 decoration entity company under CSCEC, the No. 1 brand of architectural decoration of central enterprises, and the No. 1 brand of architectural curtain wall of central enterprises. It is also the only company in China that can rank among the top 10 in both decoration and curtain wall industries. Its comprehensive strength ranks No. 1 in the state-owned decoration industry, and it is honored as "the pioneer of China's architectural decoration industry".


Facing the future, under the strategic guidance of building a "century old shop in the decoration industry with the most international competitiveness", the company will adhere to forge ahead, reform and innovation, and strive to become the leader of continuous breakthroughs in China's architectural decoration industry, the pioneer of conscientiously fulfilling social responsibility, and the leader with foresight and insight.

Excellent project

The company has always adhered to the principle of "people-oriented, expanding the space for decorative arts; serving the society, and building green boutique projects", and has successively built a large number of landmark buildings: Shenzhen International Trade Building, Shanghai World Financial Center, Wuhan Station of the largest Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line in Asia, the new site of CCTV, Guangzhou West Tower Four Seasons Hotel, the largest Bahamas resort hotel in the Western Hemisphere, the tallest building in Shenzhen, Ping An Financial Center Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the First Silk Road Cultural Expo, the tallest building in Beijing, Shufeng 468, the tallest building in the west, China Europe Center (cloud), which has set a new construction record in the decoration industry, Xiong'an New Area Citizen Service Center, the first landmark of the Millennium Plan, the world's largest Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Chongqing Raffles Square, the world's first "horizontal skyscraper".

2、 What do we offer?

(1) A broad platform for ambition

The company has more than 2500 employees, operates three brands of "CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration", "CSCEC Lighting" and "CSCEC Fangyuan Investment", carries out eight businesses, including decoration, curtain wall, design, investment, lighting, general contracting and architectural transformation, overseas and soft decoration, and has more than ten top industry qualifications, including decoration, curtain wall, electromechanical installation, lighting, design, exhibition, exhibition, general contracting, etc. The market is spread across more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, As well as Bahamas, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Cambodia and other countries.

(2) Rich and complete training system

(1) "Play the role of model students" basic training camp. At the same time, select the middle-level cadres and above of the company as the mentors of the "model students", sign the master apprentice agreement, and ensure to win at the starting line of growth.

(2) Youth backbone training camp. After about 3-5 years of employment, the company has stepped into the ranks of youth business backbones. The company's organizations include but are not limited to: youth training camp, review and promotion camp, professional qualification training, reserve talent competition, professional sequence channel, job rotation training mechanism and other training measures. Revitalize the vitality of the youth backbone and give the youth backbone the most equitable incentive.

(3) Middle management promotion camp. After about 5-7 years of employment, the company has stepped into the ranks of middle-level leading cadres. The company's organization includes but is not limited to: project manager training, middle-level cadre training, industry benchmarking learning, internal trainer training, emerging business training, leadership improvement training, red blood cell empowerment action and other training measures. Young cadres should be given opportunities, burdens and abilities to help them take another journey.

(3) Long term fair promotion space

The company has established a selective development channel and a scientific career development sequence for each post, and improved the administrative management channel, professional management channel and project management channel. Whether it is a technical post or a management post, the ceiling of career growth will be fully opened; Implement the competitive recruitment system for reserve talents, carry out regular post competition activities, and provide every young employee with open, fair and just opportunities for development and promotion.

(4) Remuneration and treatment in the upstream of the industry

The comprehensive annual income of the "model student" during the first year of probation is 10W+, and 12W+after becoming a regular student.

Salary and treatment composition: ① basic salary (basic salary, level allowance, position performance, annual merit allowance, female worker allowance, occupational qualification allowance, sequence allowance), ② performance bonus (organ performance, project basic management performance, performance award performance, collection award performance, assessment award performance, marketing fulfillment, node fulfillment, completion fulfillment, various special bonuses) ③ Welfare subsidy (employee dormitory, working meal subsidy, housing subsidy, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, heating and cooling subsidy, holiday allowance, Xinjiang aid subsidy, overseas subsidy, birthday benefit, cool and warm delivery, Shenzhen Wuhan Tianjin registered permanent residence....), ④ six insurances and two pensions (pension insurance, social medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, enterprise supplementary medical insurance, housing provident fund, enterprise annuity).

(5) Harmonious and promising corporate culture

"Home of promise" is our corporate culture theme;

"Quality assurance and value creation" are our core values;

"Loyalty, responsibility and diligence" is our talent outlook;

"Do what you command and do well" is our view of implementation;

"Work first, innovation first" is our professional outlook;

Decorate the sea as home, we are the fighters of our country and the world; We are dedicated to the inheritance of ingenuity. We are ambitious and belong to one family. We constantly pursue a happy family with broad development space, go all out to build a harmonious society where enterprise value and personal value are unified, customer needs and enterprise development coexist mutually, and contribute to building a beautiful country of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing".

3. Join us now!


(1) Recruitment position

serial number

Job type




Work area


Project management classes

Project construction

Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical Engineering and Automation, International Engineering Management and Related Majors

Bachelor degree or above

Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning and surrounding provinces and cities, as well as overseas projects


Business management

Engineering management, engineering cost and related majors


Security management

Safety engineering, fire engineering and related majors


Technology management

Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering and related majors


Material management

International economics and trade, material management, logistics management, economics, materials science and related majors


Lighting construction

Electrical engineering and automation, building intelligence, light source and lighting, civil engineering and related majors


Design technology

Curtain wall design

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics and related majors

Bachelor degree or above

Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning and surrounding provinces and cities, as well as overseas projects


Decorative design

Interior Design, Environmental Design, Architecture, Furniture Design and related majors


Architectural design

Architecture, urban and rural planning, civil engineering, engineering mechanics, structural mechanics and other related majors


HVAC design

Building environment and energy application engineering, energy power engineering and other related majors


Electromechanical design

Electrical engineering and automation and other related majors


industrial design

Major in industrial design, material forming and control engineering


Lighting design

Light source and lighting, lighting design, electrical engineering and automation, building intelligence, digital media art, landscape design and related majors


Non-destructive testing

Major in non-destructive testing and applied physics

Master's degree is preferred, bachelor degree or above



Scientific and technological research and development

Major in precision instruments and machinery

Master's degree, Ph.D



Functional management class

financial management

Financial management, accounting, tax law and related majors

Master's degree is preferred, bachelor degree or above

The headquarters of each branch office


Administrative planning

Administration, Public Administration, Archives, Chinese, Business Management, Business Administration and related majors


Political Labor Party Mass

Journalism, Chinese, Party History, Ma Zhe, Broadcasting and Hosting and Related Majors


human resources

Human Resource Management, Labor and Social Security, Psychology, Mathematics and Related Majors



Law and related majors


Marketing class


Economics, Finance, Investment, Law, Engineering Cost, Engineering Management, Marketing, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management and related majors

Master's degree is preferred, bachelor degree or above



(2) Application requirements

1. Good academic performance during school, no make-up examination for professional courses;

2. Good health, good image and temperament, good conduct, strong ability to resist pressure;

3. CET-4 or above for undergraduate students, and A-level English for art students;

4. Proficient in operating commonly used office software and related professional software;

5. Strong expression skills, good interpersonal relationship handling and stress management skills;

6. Optimistic and honest, strong sense of responsibility, good organization and coordination and teamwork spirit;

7. Strong self-discipline, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, self-motivated, with pioneering and innovative spirit;

8. Actively participate in social practice activities, and under the same conditions, CPC members and student cadres are preferred.


(3) Application process

Participate in the seminar - submit a resume - China Architecture Online Assessment - resume Assessment – Interview – Signing

Please pay attention to the employment information network of each university and surrounding universities or the company's WeChat public account, find the publicity itinerary of your own line, and participate in offline publicity meetings.

(Note: All applicants for China Construction must register and participate in the 2022 College Graduation Acceptance Examination of China Architecture as soon as possible, PC login URL:


(4) Contact information

1. Contact: Manager Xi 0755-82050909,0755-82600606(Fax)

2. Mailing address: 10th floor, Block A, Shenye Taifu Plaza, intersection of Meiyuan Road and Liyuan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

3. Recruitment email:, please name "2022 School Recruitment + Position + Name + School Major" when submitting resumes.

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